Monday, May 4, 2009

Why I'm so quiet last few days after exam?

As what I have mention before that my last paper would be on 27th April at my previous entry. Now I'll tell you what happen after that day.

I have reached home on 28th April afternoon and I'm totally knock out on that night. Because been carring my stuff from my dorm up and down from 5th floor to car all by myself. I can't ask my friend nor my roommate cause they are busy study for next paper. On the same time too, my dorm's block has no water at all. So I'm all sweaty and stink on that morning, what's worst I'm having "ahmn" of the month *really unconfortable*. At the end, I seek other dorms' blocks for water to take a shower *really frustrated* and lucky it was my last day there *phew*.

On 29th, I didn't do anything much cause my whole body in pain, especially my right arm *really painfull!!*. I guess I didn't rest my arm well enough. I think it was because right after my exam paper, I straight away do clean up and the next morning straight away carried all stuffs to the car and when reached home I carried all stuffs from car to my room all by myself *all that happen the day before*. But I did some cleaning in the kitchen at home *minor stuffs like wash dirty plates and glasses on the sink*. I didn't do any pack out my stuffs from dorm yet *haiz.. body totally painfull!!*.

On 30th, I woke up late that day *really late almost noon and my arm still abit painfull*. So I straight away do some house chores till 4pm. After doing the house chores, I went in my room think to take a short nap before I start to clean up my stuff, but I end up slept till 7pm *OMG*. Straight away I woke up and wash my face, suddenly my mom knock my room said we having dinner outside and she scoled me for not doing anything at all at home. I can't fight back to her, if I do she will start nagging none stop to me, so is better to raise the white flag from the begining.

I guess will stop here for now, I'll continue about the other days tomorrow. Cause the following days after 30th April abit adventure *hehehehe*.

See ya!

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is how my room look like now.

Hehehe, look at the picture above. That's how my room look like. *Messy, huh?* Well why not, coz today is my last day paper and I have done the paper. So now is time to clean up and pack up stuffs to go back home. Can't wait to go back home now.

It's have been almost a month didn't go back home. *Yeah i know, ONLY A MONTH*. I know my house is near and i can go back home every week or everyday I want, but this month I don't have the chance to go back home coz of my exam start early compare to other students here.

And days before exam, I have lots of last minute assignments that need to be complete *all thanks to one of the group member who couldn't finish his part on time*. And now at last I can go back home, I think I'll going back home tomorrow morning or noon either way, but for sure I will be at home at night time *hehehehe**Tori is anxious to go back home*

That all now, will be blog when I'm reach at home. xD

Friday, April 24, 2009


At Last!

I add chatbox on my blog *hohoho*, i hav been longing to have a chatbox like that on my website/blog *Muahahahaha*. Where did i get it? well i found it at my friend's blog (Bratty). I sign uped, make some adjustment then *wa-ala* it appear.

Hoo... I just remember, when I view my blog. There is "content warning!".. *Muahahaha* I made that on purpose, who knows that one day I made something "unpredictable" things *hohohoho*

I found kinda funny video while I'm about to upload picture in photobucket. Look at it, its funny and cute.

Looks so YUMMY!

Okay, picture bellow is actually i want to tell:

This picture took on 20th April around 8pm, and on the day of exam which is on 22nd April around 6am, its still like that and UNMOVED! *noooooo!* Exam paper start on 3.30pm is like 9 more hours to read. At the end i just flip it only... Want to know what book is that? Is Advance Audit, to understand the theoritical stuff by book, I'm completely don't understand at all.. *OMG*

Anyway, now need to concerntrade on my next (last) paper on Monday.

Wish me all the best! *Ganbatte!!*

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Short Entry

Well it's Saturday, same routine been done. Example doing laundary, watch JDrama, study for next paper(just start tho) and sleep.

To all people who wishes me "Happy Birthday" yesterday and today via sms.. I would like to say "Thank you" *bows*.

Guess that's all from me. I'm doing this entry is to distract abit on my studies.

See Ya

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Created


My blog is create *Ta-da* and it created during my birthday!! *Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! and Tanjobi Omedatto Goizamasu to myself*

What the most sad part is~ TODAY IS MY FINAL EXAM PAPER START!! *IE!!*, *sigh* first paper is advance taxation (which is today start at 9am-11.30am), next paper is on Monday (20th), Wednesday (22nd) and the next Monday (27th) *jiayou! jiayou! jiayou! for myself*

I guess that all I want to say, got nothing alse happen to me other then the final exam.

See Ya!